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Sound it Out!

January 28, 2011 by corlissdesigns · 46 Comments · School Stuff

It’s time to learn about Sound, Grade 4s! You will be visiting the following websites to find out some information about how ‘sound’ works. If the words are too hard to read yourself, use the ‘Reader’ button at the top of your page.

At the end, you will be leaving comments to share what you have learnt. As usual, extra credit will be given to making connections with the world, other books or with your own life.

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  • Gavan

    Today i learned than most people can hear 20 to 20,000 hertz and animals can hear over 20,000 hertz and animals can hear stuff that we cant hear and the sound of jingling keys goes from 700 to 15,000 hertz and a persons voice can prouduce frequincies from 85 to 1,100 hertz.

  • mozze

    the things i leaed is lound sounds damjes your ears

  • Mohammed

    I learned that sound travels slower in cold temperature and faster in hotter temperature.

  • uwais

    Sound energy travels in waves and is measured in frequency and amplitude

  • Varun

    I have learned alot about this one is that you could here people with some stuff you make to here.

  • raiann

    what i learned was that sound can travel from 8 miles away and that sound can travel 10 kl away too

  • seren

    I love the information they gave out. I never knew that fish make noise.Also I thought different whale species made the same noise.

  • Nabeeh


  • mozze

    I learned the sound vibrates and you can hear by a body part called the eardrum.

  • Ashutosh

    This website is very good It has games.It is about light and sound :). I learned about what is reflection and laser

  • priiya and zaina

    i learned alot from those sound websites. i did not know that sound goes in waves and that firecrackers can ruin your hearing

  • chambo

    You have put great websites.I liked them so much.I learned that hearing loss was caused by the loss ear hair.I have many new things to learn.I hope I learn a lot about sound from these websites.

  • Gavan

    Today I learned that a loud pitched sound stays shorter and a short pitched sound has a longer pitched sound.

  • Nabeeh

    today i learned that some sound can damage our ears by lound or high sounds.

  • Jaspree

    I have learned that echo comes back to us and we hear sound everwhere.

  • jesik

    I learned that sound helps us cummunicate to other people all around the around the world. It reminds me when i learne. that sound is very important and this web tells a lot about it.

  • mOmO

    I lerend about the sound box . The sound box is like a guitar

  • preety

    i learned that sound is important because if you have a phone how would you here sound and this website has alot of important staff

  • maria

    I learned that sound vibrates.I also learned that sound helps us cumunicate.

  • Thaliy

    I learn that loud sound can effect people some time. so I will never hear loud sound.

  • Anonymous

    i learned that you can heal your sense of hearing with surgey

  • Anonymous

    i learned Sound starts as a vibration. Something has to move for sound to exist. For instance, you can ring a bell, clap your hands, or pluck guitar strings to produce vibrations that cause sound waves. Vibrations travel in sound waves from one place to another through the air.

  • Ama

    I learned that sound is caused my viberation and movement from air.

  • umai

    i learnd that you must not hear lots of loud music

  • Jagjo

    I learned that sound that travels in water is five times faster than sound that travels in air, and even faster than space.
    Microphones under water are called hydrophones.

  • mOmO

    you shoud not here sound more than 85 db

  • Manvee

    Sound is made by the movement of air.

  • abdullah

    i learned that if you sit near to a stage that will brake your in ear drom

  • Rupiende

    I think that the games are very interesting and fun. I learnt lots of things like saving your ears and how to keep them safe.

  • manree

    I learned that sound can be heard under water and that whales that are different make soundsthat are different. this text reminds me of when I went to marindland t was watching a show and the whales where making many different sounds. Also when I went to the beach I heard whales makingdiffernt sounds too.

  • abdulla

    i learned that a rockt launch will damage your ear if you listen to it for hours and hours

  • Tawsee

    I learned that the loudest natrul sound can be made by a valcano eruptions

  • maha

    Today i learned that learning can be fun as playing but most kid dont know about it thats what i learned in science kid <<<<

  • Jaspree

    I have learned that somthing that is so small it is deep deep inside your ear.

  • jessi

    I learned a lots of things about sound in all these websites. I learned that a gunshot gun can harm your ears. Also a loud pitched sound stays shorter and a short pitched sound has a longer pitched sound. Even hearing loud music can harm your ears. Sound vibrates and you can hear by a body part called the eardrum.

  • jesik

    I learned a lot. I could see many topics that told some good points about sound. They told about the inner ear and what can cause deafness.

  • abu

    i learned that A conductive hearing loss may also be helped with hearing aids or a middle ear implant.also i learned there are games that what is bad for your hearing or good for your hearing

  • jesik

    i learned a lot of topics in this website and i learned about one thing in your ear that is a inner ear and the cochlea.

  • Ama

    On the websites I went on I learned that a sound is caused my movement and viberations from air. Also , I learned that the ear drum is very dilicate and we should not put anything in our ears! I even learned that the speed of sound in water is 5 times slower then air. Also , I learned that sound waves travel faster through hard rocks than soft rocks . Finally , I learned about that there are lots of ways to keep your ears safe.

  • maha

    Todayi learned that ears can be effected by alot of things like loud volum and loud construction and how to take care of your ears and how important they are .

  • jasmi

    I liked the video called how hearing works, it told me alot about how you could hear sound. It also showed me how sound waves look like!

  • manve

    warmer water lets sound tavel faster

  • Thalia

    I lrean that loud sound can effect some people ear and you can not hear.

  • Thalia

    I lrean that sound can be inportant to us.

  • Thalia

    Learn that when the loud alarm ring it some time pain your ears and that is painful.

  • 4564

    love it

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